Saturday, July 23, 2005

Head in the clouds

I am now back in Wellington after a hideous 11 hour bus ride that I was almost denied to ride because I apparently wasn't on their system when I had paid for my ticket 2 months ago... So I had to end up paying 67 dollars to come back. *sighs* precious money!!! Hopefully ill get refunded when I show that I have paid for my ticket twice!

Tonight is Aaron and Bray's birthday party... That should provide a good social evening to get back into the swing of Wellington life.

I really enjoyed the phone calls from work nearly every day, it made me feel loved!
thanks guys :)

He who fears being conquered
is sure of defeat
- Napoleon


Andy said...

Yes, because you are the mop KING!

And bray is the best person in the world!

Anonymous said...

beware of the flying monkeys

they are everywhere!