Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Busy busy busy

Hello People!

I haven't updated lately because I have been so tired, It was a super busy weekend with the Lions Tour on and also hosting a leaving party for Emma and Satya, who had there last week at work so they had leaving drinks at my place because its oh so handy to town, and ofcourse having a bajillion people in welly you cant resist going out, so we all ventured into town and had a fantastic time! And one must be punished... So my body is going that's it you need to rest so I've been trying to do that as much as possible... And yet I still feel like crap... Oh well I don't have work at the hideous time of 6am, I have the privilege of working at the glorious Courtenay Central and start at 3pm... Its nice to work at a different store every now and then...Even though every starbucks looks the same each has their own different

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