Sunday, July 10, 2005


Hey I just realized that I haven't posted in ages... You all must be so annoyed with me and im sorry, my life has been busy with work really... I worked Wednesday and Thursday night at courtenay central Starbucks, and I slept all day which was great, then on Thursday Matt came down with his Auckland friends so it was good to see Shanaynay again. Friday was house to myself as Fahren went home to see her family, so Daniel and Ben came over and we had a few drinks. Then on Saturday night after finishing work I went to Jamisons flatwarming which I must say I had a good time... Drinking the wine that Liz left for me to consume, Thanks Liz
Then I had work at 7.30am which sucked as it was supposed to be my day off but Sharn wanted to spend some time with some guy that was leaving today or something... But im ok with that as I only have 6 more sleeps before im in Auckland. Which I am so excited about because I really need a holiday. Anyway I have work at 6am and I need to get a good amount of sleep so I wont be late

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