Tuesday, January 03, 2006

dance magic dance!

good morning and welcome to yet another fantastic day!

we have a lot of exciting things instore for today,
first off: i have a quote from my favourite tv character.... oh wait ill leave it til last...... its too good!

well I will be doing the usual thing of getting up and going to work. I will then come home, cook my boyfriend some eggs then head off to the gym, my new eating regime will be in effect as of tomorrow.

I have come to the conclusion that now that the hussle and bussle of my brothers wedding and christmas is out of the way, I can tell my mother that I am a homosexual... I have contemplated in sending her a hand written letter.... maybe starting something like this....

Dear mum,

Wouldn't it be awful if I had Cancer? well... I didnt mean to scare you there, I don't have cancer, I am gay though.

and then ill fill it in with sentimental stuff......
(mum - if you do secretly read my blog and know that I am a homosexual then please save me the awkwardness and fear of me telling you, by letting me know. Thanks)

I would like to thanks liz for the idea If it wasnt for her nothing would be possible.

onto other things....
I have decided to steal Andy's saying of "OLD HAT" and start using it like people use 'gay'
eg: ooo gay! why doing I get presents!

OLD HAT! why don't I get presents!

I think it works quiet well...

thanks Andy

well that shall be all for now, I need to sleep before my new day begins!

So in the words of Stewie Griffin -
I'd love to stay and chat, but your a total bitch!
n.b: this quote is not directed at anyone I just think its totally funny!


Brent said...


I love the first line of the letter!
Lol - very creative!

crystalcastles said...

hahahah best quote ever!

Snowie said...

Now I can't decide whether to chill out to my labyrinth LP


Whether to watch the DVD

Grrr why did you have to use the best song from the best movie as your caption!


Hayley said...

YOU'RE GAY!?!?!?!?