Tuesday, January 17, 2006

Ode to Customers 2

Today was a bloody good day... im now going to get ready to go to the gym. im in the mood for a swim!

but before I go here are some interesting things customers have said in the land of starbucks...
most of the excerpts come from myself, Vicki and Liz

Customer: Ill have a grande...
Me: a grande what?
Customer: *snaps* a grande latte!
Me:[thinking] "im sorry im not a mind reader!" 4.60 thanks
Customer: Ill have 2 tall lattes and 2 ham panini's please
me: sure, that comes to 20 dollars and 40 cents thanks
Customer: WHAT!
me: 20 dollars and 40 cents thanks
Customer: WHAT A FUCKEN RIP OFF *storms out of the store*
Me: ok bye!
Customer: Ill have the French toast
Vicki: im sorry?
Customer: the French toast *points to whole bean menu*
Vicki: ahh that's French Roast!
Customer: tall latte thanks
Liz: that's 3.60
customer: throws change on counter
Liz: *as customer walks away gives him the silent F U times 2
Customer: ill have a grande restirutto shots caramel machicato *smiles with several teeth missing
Me:oh shit! Hi toothy mcphee!

Oh customer oh customer
how stupid can you be
to only read a sign
is as easy as can be

first you look up
and then you check the price
you pay and take your purchase
and you leave our sight!

the condiment bar
is covered in sugar
you could have easily got it in the cup
yet you miss completely
and now I have to clean it up!


Jordan said...

$20.40 is seriously a rip off though

Hayley said...

why were they buying panini's in the first place? did they realise they were at starbucks where the food is crap?

Kalyan said...

mmm Starbucks. I haven't been to Starbucks since the 12th December.