Tuesday, January 24, 2006

Oh no you didn't!

So last night I though I would write my life story, because on my apple power book I didn't know where the word processing contraption was until about 5 min ago, I did it in gmail. After spending until 3 in the morning typing it out I went to send it to my other email and it deleted itself. I was so enraged I couldn't believe it happened!!!!

so tonight I spent the last couple of hours rewriting it, being very careful to copy it just In case it deleted it again, lucky for me it didn't.

it is seriously the longest thing I have written in ages.

well now I must sleep for tomorrow is a new day

good night and god speed!


Jordan said...

gmail should make an automatic copy in your draft.

did you check there?

Seriously though your whole life?
mea meaaaaaaaaaaa

AL said...

I started writting my life story once, didnt get very far though...dunno if it even got to me being born...