Monday, January 16, 2006

Gossip and Scones with Nana

Well I thought it was time that I made another blog entry is has been a little while... I was wondering what to beging with then my internal lightswitch which is situated 2degrees left from my right breast flicked the banana sorry i mean lightbulb in my mind.

I spent a few hours last night with owen catching up over about 700 coffees.
I had work at 7.30 this morning it was very quiet day... labour will be like 600% or something like that.

Im currently putting together a slide show of the photos of my brothers wedding which is coming together slowly.
all i need is the tape of the ceremony and then i can actually give my brother his wedding present!

ooo I did my first ever auction on trademe and im getting 35bucks for 2 crappy games.
its so addictive I now understand how much fun jordans mum has. im looking for stuff to sell!

well this post was utterly boring and as for that im going to leave you with this hilerious joke hayley text me

what do sea monsters eat?

Fish and Ships!


Snowie said...

What a nice wedding gift

When I was 18 I was the video person for my Uncles wedding

Unfortunately I accidentally videoed myself drunk over the "you may kiss the bride" moment and about half an hour after that

I had a great time talking to the camera, strangely they have never ever mentioned this moment!

Nor have they mentioned the drucken message in the visitor book that I thought my new aunty's cousin was very hot!

Oh the joys of weddings!

Jordan said...

Just don't go ravaging through your sons stuff and selling everything left right and centre like my mum does.

Seriously i'm going to come home from the states and she would have sold everything including my bed.

Hayley said...

best bloody joke ever!