Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Dry Rainfall

I thought that before I head off to bed I would put a post on so Liz has something to do tomorrow when she comes online.... BTW Liz, on Thursday at about 3.30pm the club is going to take Vicki to go buy a computer its about time she was on the world wide web and started a blog of her own.... Then all will be well... And we will have something else to read.

Today I went and bought a CD with the gift voucher that my auntie gave me for Christmas, I got Bic Runga's first album -Drive- which I like, I enjoy her music and it will complement Ani DiFranco and Tori Amos when I get those CD's in the post...Hopefully tomorrow.

well this will be all from me for today.
goodnight and God speed.... I have never really understood that saying....Anyone care to enlighten me?

Take a "there ain't no mountain high enough" attitude to life and instead of being daunted or held back by obstacles, get excited about them


Matt said...

it means god speed up my death so I dont haveto work tomorrow

Russ said...