Tuesday, May 17, 2005

Float On

I have just realized that I haven't written on here since Saturday, and I am deeply sorry.
you probably don't really care either way... meh...

On Saturday we had a great time with vodka jellies... They are so tasty but so evil.
Work on Sunday was hideous... Insanely busy I just wanted to go home and sleep.
yesterday morning was a bit better and today seeing as I only had to work for half an hour doing the stock order which I think I may have stuffed up...Oh shit sorry gnomes... I then went and had lunch with my good friend Sama, I had Vegetarian Nachos from espressoholic they were good.

I have just downloaded some songs for work and im in the middle of downloading a mp2 converter so we can make our own CD's and play them at work...Oh shit hi Murray...

I have just heard that Kylie Minouge has breast cancer...We should ring ZM and More FM and demand that they play her new song. If we get her to number #1 it will show New Zealands support and awareness of breast cancer. ...Love Kylie...

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