Saturday, May 14, 2005

Snow Cherries From France

Tonight work people are coming over to party before we go into town... Should be fun.

I got to work this morning and the place was an absolute bomb site. There was crap everywhere and it being dark when you walk in... As I was walking behind the counter to turn off the alarm I tripped over the bloody vacuum cleaner that Chris left out. The back office was a total mess with crap all over the desk, paperwork that should have been filed and bloody post it notes all over the place saying 'sorry rusky' I sure if he had time to put those post-it notes everywhere he would have had time to clean the place up a bit. That was his last shift ever at Starbucks... Its sad to see him go. . .HA!

Liz start back next week, which im totally excited about I really missed not working Saturday mornings with her they used to be so much better but she's coming back! SO YAY!

Im kinda in a crabby mood because of work today... So to make myself feel a whole lot better im going to walk down Oriental Parade and go get GELATO!