Friday, May 20, 2005

Owen Gets Gelato.

Once upon a time there was a guy called Owen, who is 'locally famous' in Masterton *cough*
He got on to the train and traveled to Wellington City to Visit his friend Russell.
They went to a nice cafe called espressoholic and got their normal flat white coffee's and chatted for an hour or so. After spending a significant amount of time at the cafe they then started their long journey to get gelato. They climbed the highest mountains and swam in the deepest ocean... Just to spend four dollars fifty on delicious Italian ice cream. Once they had gotten to the gelato shop Russell spent a significant amount of time choosing what flavours he wanted, this is a ritual that must be performed every time someone goes to get gelato. Russell decided that he would have berry and lemon flavours As for Owen, he had a great deal of trouble choosing the flavours he wanted, this being his first time and all, he decided to get the same flavours as Russell. They then went and sat on the beach and ate their gelato with glee once it was gone they walked all the way back to the city and then went their separate ways. Now that Owen has had gelato he now can not stop talking about it and wants everyone to know the enjoyable experience you will have when your lips touch delicious gelato.

The End

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